Preparation and Efficiency are the Keys to Success – Why Pre-Qualify for a Court Bond?

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Are you wondering if you or your client will qualify for a Surety Bond? We take the guesswork out of the process so you can focus on your clients and keep on track without delays or questions.

Knowing if you or your client will qualify for a bond for an estate, guardianship, trust or receivership matter can help move the case along and help avoid delays in the appointment of any of these fiduciary positions.

Call Jasper Surety Agency for an easy consultation and get the pre-qualification process under way before the next meeting or court date. We provide quick turnaround time, with same day results upon receipt of a short application form (click for PDF) 

If you are in a chambers meeting or at a hearing, and the judge asks if you or the client are bondable, you will be prepared. This question will come up, and it usually results in your client resembling a deer in the headlights. Do the research ahead of time, with Jasper Surety. You and your client can avoid delays if they are required to post a bond.

Once the appointment is made by the court, and your client files the bond, the commission will be granted and you get paid.  Pre-qualification is a win for both the attorney and the client.

Be prepared by using our simple process.  Call us today at 516-742-8818 or complete our simple form for a fast answer – short application form (click for PDF) 

The surety bonding pre-qualification process applies to Estates, Guardianships, Trust (Court or Non-Court Trusts) and Receiverships.

We hope this article has been helpful and we would be grateful if you forwarded to any colleagues who might benefit from this information.

Disclaimer:   A pre-qualification is not a bond nor is it a legal commitment.  The prequalification process is subject to final review of a full submission however allows you to be aware there are no adverse conditions which may inhibit bonding a candidate.