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Bonds and how to get them represent one of the great “mysteries” for many contractors. At Jasper, we make this process as simple as possible. Unlike many other agencies, we take the time to nurture our contractor clients from the very beginning, with special guidance aimed toward preparing them for bonding even if they do not qualify at first. We work closely with your accountants and other professional advisors to make sure that the presentations made to the surety company show the best possible picture of your operations.

Because we represent many different companies with different requirements and underwriting criteria, we can match each client with just the right bonding company. As your needs change, we can re-market your company to the appropriate surety company at each level. We have power of attorney for all our companies, which mean that we are authorized to issue the bonds you need directly from our office. From the start-up contractor to the large, well-established general and trade contractor with large bonding programs, Jasper handles every client with the same personal attention and hands-on approach.

We are completely familiar with federal, state, and municipal bonding requirements in the Metropolitan area and our totally automated bond issuance facilities produce the specific bond forms required by each of the various agencies with which our contractors do business. You are never more than a phone call, email, or fax away from the bonds you need to work in the challenging, complex and ever-changing environment of public and private construction. With Jasper as your agent and advisor, you have a partner on whom you can depend to get you the tools you need to compete and succeed. We make bonding simple.


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