At Jasper Surety, we focus on providing an easy, streamlined application process for Bid and Performance & Payment Bonds, which allows contractors to focus on building their business instead of filling out forms.

If you have had to pass on jobs that require bonds under $450,000 because you haven’t had bonding before, it’s much easier than you think to get the bonds you need to go after the work.

Jasper Surety offers credit-driven programs that can provide bonds based on a contractor’s good credit, on contracts within the guidelines of the program.

Jasper Surety simplifies the process and gets you immediate results:

  • Easy application form
  • Same-day service for last minute bonding needs on many requests
  • No financial statements are required for single bonds or aggregate lines up to $450,000
  • Ability to qualify contractors for aggregate lines up to $900,000 with additional information

Our expanded surety programs are a great fit for most small contractors. Examples include:

  • Standard Trades: Also known as “Sticks and Bricks,” this type of work includes general construction, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, painting, roofing, to name just a few.
  • Service: Annual mowing, janitorial services, or snow removal. Multi-year service contracts are subject to review based on contract terms.
  • Supply Contracts: School and building supplies or supply of motor vehicles.

Available Contract Bonds:

  • Bid or Proposal Bonds
  • Payment/Labor & Materials Bonds
  • Subcontract Payment and Performance Bonds
  • Maintenance Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Annually Renewable Payment & Performance Bonds (Up to 5 years)
  • Supply Bonds
  • Letters of Bondability
  • Contractor Pre-qualification

 If you have any questions about our small contractor program, please contact us at 516-742-8817 and speak with Karen Zelinski.