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Contractors – Don’t miss out on that job opportunity…

At Jasper Surety, we focus on providing an easy, streamlined application process for Bid and Performance & Payment Bonds, which allows contractors to focus on building their business instead of filling out forms.If you have had to pass on jobs that require bonds under $450,000 because you haven’t had bonding before, it’s much easier than you think […]

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Think you don’t need Cyber Risk coverage? Think again…One cyber event can shut down a business – one policy can help protect it. THE TOP 5 REASONS YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS CYBER RISK COVERAGE…  Data breaches and cyber attacks are becoming more common and have increased 62 percent in the last year alone.  31 percent of […]

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Contractors – Are You Prepared for the Bidding Process?

The Importance of Surety Bonds in Construction – Getting Prepared for the Bidding Process… How one evaluates and manages risk on construction projects and makes responsible decisions to ensure timely project completion is the key to success.  To gamble on a contractor whose level of commitment or qualifications are uncertain, or who could go bankrupt halfway through […]

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How Surety Bonds Differ From Insurance

Underwriting: How do surety bonds differ from insurance? For those who are new to surety or who don’t handle bonds often here is a quick refresher on the subject. A surety obligation involves three parties; the principal, who is the primary obligor, the surety, who is the secondary obligor, and the obligee. The insurance obligation […]

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