COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note: we have activated work from home plans for our office. Standard operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm EST and generally remain intact in our remote working environment. Please contact us by phone or email for assistance. We continue to deliver the same level of service during these unprecedented events. For more information and resources, please visit our website or Facebook.
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Julieanne Jansen Regine, President

Julieanne Regine

Julie has over 30 years of commercial surety experience and has established an outstanding reputation with legal firms providing same day service in Nassau, Suffolk, the five boroughs and the tri-state area. Her extensive knowledge of the requirements and needs of the various Supreme and Surrogate Courts together with her strong relationships have built Jasper Surety into one of the of the busiest commercial bond agencies in the NY Metro area. Please contact Julie at:

Phone: (516) 214-9667

Karen Leonard Zelinski, Director of Contract Underwriting

Karen Zelinski

Karen has over 34 years of contract surety experience, dealing with general and trade contractors. She works with client bond programs ranging from start-up lines to bond programs of $50 million. Her surety experience will guide you from bid to qualification to performance and payment bonds, right through final completion. She also provides extensive mentoring assistance for start-up entities. Please contact Karen at:

Phone: (516) 742-8817

Martin J. Regine, Principal


Martin has over 25 years of experience in marketing and administration working with nationally recognized management facilities in the construction industry. He specializes in alternative marketing programs for the construction industry, including captives, RPG’s and OCIP’s. Please contact Martin at:

Phone: (516) 667-6013

Maima Fojas, Customer Service

Maima Fojas

Maima Fojas – Dedicated in providing exceptional customer service for over 15 years in the surety industry and is focused on providing personalized attention on your surety bond needs. Her knowledge and easy, positive rapport has our customers so grateful for her attention to detail and timely response makes getting your bond an easy process. Please contact Maima at:

Phone: (516) 742-8816

Sonia Espinoza, Surety Executive

Sonia has been in the surety industry over 24 years. She has developed long term relationships with many of the Surety Carriers, legal firms and business clients. Her extensive knowledge in court bonds has allowed her to underwrite every level of commercial surety from simple cases to very large complex ones. Every client will receive her undivided attention to make the bonding needs experience as simple as possible. Please contact Sonia at:

Phone: (516) 742-8818