COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note: we have activated work from home plans for our office. Standard operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm EST and generally remain intact in our remote working environment. Please contact us by phone or email for assistance. We continue to deliver the same level of service during these unprecedented events. For more information and resources, please visit our website or Facebook.
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Our approach is personal, simple and direct. We will analyze the information you provide – your Contractor’s Questionnaire, Corporate and Personal Financial Statements, Bank Information, Resumes of Key Personnel, Certificate of Insurance, Job History…. and we will make concrete recommendations on what you as a business owner and contractor can do to qualify for the best possible bonding program.

We will make suggestions and offer recommendations on important changes and improvements you can make, and help you develop a bonding business plan that will take you to the level you seek for your bonding needs.

Because each contractor is different, we will spend time working with you to learn where you hope your business will be – in six months, one year, and in five years. And we will help you get there. We have the resources, information, and contacts you need to get bonding and to get the bonded jobs you want.

To begin, please provide us with as much of the following information as possible. All information is kept strictly confidential.

  • Completed Contractor’s Questionnaire (if applicable)
  • Three years of Corporate Financial Statement prepared by a CPA
  • Current year Federal Corporate Tax Return
  • Current year Personal Financial Statement prepared by a CPA or typed on our form
  • Copy of Certificate of Insurance
  • Resumes of Key Personnel
  • Letters of Recommendation from customers, clients, owners, architects, and suppliers
  • Copy of your Bank Line of Credit or Letter of Good Standing from your bank